Extendsive Inc.: Authorized Distributor of XFlow CFD in North America
Extendsive Inc.:  Authorized Distributor of XFlow CFD in North America

Unified User Interface for Pre-Procesor, Solver, & Post-Processor

XFlow provides and intuitive interface and working environment for the user. The pre-processor, solver and post-processor are fully integrated in the same UI environment. The UI layout is fully configurable with moveable workspace windows and options to use pre-set display settings.  Everything you need, all in one place.


Being particle-based, the algorithms behind XFlow lower the requirements imposed on the CAD models, e.g. for external aerodynamics the software is not concerned with moving or crossing surfaces provided these define a coherent fluid volume. Thus the complexity of the geometry is not a limiting factor in XFlow.


The graphical post-processing capability of XFlow allows interactive visualization of the solution and allows numerical analysis even while the computation is still running.


XFlow provides tools for additional processing through export to third-party applications such as ParaView and EnSight Gold

Near-Linear Scalable Performance

Shared-Memory Parallel

In addition to be very much faster to set up even a comparatively complex simulation, XFlow is fast, efficient and practical even on a standard desktop PC, remaining fully parallelized for multi-core technology with near-linear scalability.

Distributed Memory Parallel

XFlow also perfectly integrates into your HPC/cluster environment to support efficient solutions for even the most demanding computations. XFlow's distributed solver scales efficiently even for a large number of nodes and thousands of processor cores.



XFlow provides a wide range of connectivity solutions, and we are always adding new connections.

Among the current connections are:

  • Geometry:  STEP, IGES and STL
  • User defined input Functions and tabular data
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI):
    One-way coupling to MSC.ADAMS
    Two-way coupling to MSC.NASTRAN
  • Post-processing:  Paraview and Ensight Gold

For more information, or for questions about a specific application, contact us here.

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