Extendsive Inc.: Authorized Distributor of XFlow CFD in North America
Extendsive Inc.:  Authorized Distributor of XFlow CFD in North America

XFlow 2014 Hardware & OS Specifications

Minimum system requirements


Quad core processor


Windows Vista x64 / Linux x64*

* Linux needs glibc >= 2.5-34


At least 6 GB of RAM memory


500 GB of hard disk of hard disk space


512 MB graphics card and OpenGL >= 3.1*


* If you use remote session software

  please check its OpenGL support.

Recommended System Requirements

Dual Quad Core or Hexa Core i7 processors
Windows 7 x64 / Linux x64*
* Linux needs glibc >= 2.5-34
12-24 GB of RAM memory
More than 1 TB of hard disk space
1 GB graphics card, preferably ATI or NVIDIA


* If you use remote session software

  please check its OpenGL support.


XFlow Product Sheet 2014
This brochure describes the XFlow CFD product in general, describing its underlying technology and main application areas.
XFlow Product Sheet 2014_NA.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [3.4 MB]
XFlow 2014 v92 Full Feature List
This brochure lists all the key features of the XFlow CFD package, version 2014 v92.
Adobe Acrobat document [1.3 MB]

For more information, or for questions about a specific application, contact us here.

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