Extendsive Inc.: Authorized Distributor of XFlow CFD in North America
Extendsive Inc.:  Authorized Distributor of XFlow CFD in North America


XFlow's accuracy and meshless ease of use make it possible to model a wide array of industrial applications easily that would take days, weeks, or months to model using traditional CFD methods.


Application Areas Include:

  • Thermal Management for Electronic Enclosures
  • Mixing Processes
  • Other Heat Transfer
  • Flows Involving Moving Parts
  • Automated Production Systems
  • Sports Equipment
  • Non-Newtonian Fluids
  • Droplets, Sprays, and more...

Thermal Management for Electronic Enclosures:  The thermal solver can be used to simulate the cooling of electronic components to keep them within safe operating temperature ranges. The simulation can include convection/diffusion, radiation and conjugate heat transfer, coupled to the flow produced by fans. Fans are modeled either as rotating parts or as surface boundary condition.  Shown is simulation of air flow in an electronic power supply.

XFlow CFD simulation of cooling flows in an electronic power supply.



Mixing Processes:  XFlow can be used to simulate agitators and mixers for the chemical industry or water treatment plants. It solves single and two-phase flows for immiscible fluids including surface tension.  Moving parts are fully supported and modeled in detail.


Heat Transfer:  Shown below, a heat exchanger simulation showing temperature at the midplane.  Below that, an XFlow CFD model of a refrigerator door opening, showing how the cold air spreads out.

XFlow simulation of gas temperature in a heat exchanger along the midplane.


Flows Involving Moving Parts:  XFlow's ability to model and define the motion and reaction for moving parts with complex motion and fluid-structure interactin allows it to model a wide range of important industrial processes.  Shown is a model for a ball check valve.

XFlow CFD model of a ball check valve. Note the interactive response between the moving ball and the flow.

Automated Production Systems:  XFlow can simulate the flow around moving equipment such as industrial machinery and production line robots in fabrication plants. It is possible to prescribe the motion of each object and so reproduce real operational conditions. The trajectories of dust particles can be tracked with the disperse phase model.

XFlow CFD simulation of air flow in an automated production line for LCD panels.

Sports Equipment:  In sports such as soccer, tennis or golf, aerodynamics plays an essential role. XFlow simulates the flow around the ball at relevant velocities and measures the drag, lift and side forces acting on it. The ball moves and spins freely depending on the initial linear and angular velocities and orientation set by the user, and on the interaction with the surrounding air.

XFlow simulation of a spinning soccer ball, which responds to the forces acting on it from the surrounding air flows.

Non-Newtonian Fluids:  Highly viscous non-Newtonian fluids (e.g. toothpaste, melted plastic, chemical blends) are common in many industrial applications. The complex rheological properties of these fluids can be introduced in XFlow by using the predefined viscosity models available (Newtonian, Sutherland, Cross, Herschel-Bulkley, Power Law, Carreau) or user-defined functions.

XFlow simulation of toothpaste flow, showing the capability to model non-Newtonian fluids.


Droplets, Sprays, and Atomization:  


“The free surface approach in XFlow means nothing less than a revolution in multiphase flow modelling of atomisation and spray processes. I am convinced it will have a big impact on the modelling of propulsion systems, fuel burners and a wide range of different industrial spray processes.”

                                                          Dr. Hermann Maier, Managing Director of gridlab GmbH.


(Simulation courtesy of gridlab GmbH, Austria.)

XFlow CFD simulation of a spray nozzle, courtesy of gridlab GmbH.


More on Droplets:  XFlow CFD simulation of water spraying from a rotating sprinkler nozzle, complete with droplet dynamics.

XFlow CFD simulation of water spraying from a rotating sprinkler nozzle, complete with droplet dynamics.

For more information, or for questions about a specific application, contact us here.

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