Extendsive Inc.: Authorized Distributor of XFlow CFD in North America
Extendsive Inc.:  Authorized Distributor of XFlow CFD in North America

Civil / Architectural Engineering

XFlow CFD can model even the largest structures and flow problems with little more setup time required than for much smaller cases, making it ideal for a varity of civil and architectureal applications.


Application Areas Include:

  • External Aerodynamics
  • Roof Structures
  • HVAC and Thermal Comfort
  • Dams, Flood Analysis, and Offshore Structures
  • And More.

External Aerodynamics:  The virtual wind tunnel module enables you to simulate full-scale models and set inlet turbulence intensity and analytical expressions to describe the incoming wind profile. XFlow simulations allow you to measure wind loads on buildings, bridges and other civil structures, analyze the air flow around them, or study the transport of pollutants.

XFlow CFD simulation of the Four Towers business area of Madrid.
XFlow CFD simulation of airflow around and through the Golden Gate Bridge.

Roof Structures:  It is common to simulate the loads over stadium or large building roof structures, and XFlow can provide averaged pressure distributions and transient data of maximum and minimum peaks.  XFlow CFD simulation of wind and roof loads on Bernabeu stadium, Madrid.

XFlow CFD simulation of wind and roof loads on Bernabeu stadium, Madrid.

HVAC and Thermal Comfort:  XFlow CFD can be used to simulate the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems of indoor spaces. With the help of sensors to monitor the flow variables in specified locations, XFlow becomes an effective tool to optimize the location of HVAC devices for thermal comfort.

XFlow CFD simulation of air dispersal from a ventilator through a conference room.

Dams, Flood Analysis, and Offshore Structures:  XFlow CFD includes free surface modeling that can be used to analyze loads on structures such as:

  • Offshore platforms, harbors or submerged pipelines in different sea states
  • Simulation of dam spillway, flood gates, and breaking
  • Flooding of surface level or underground facilities

Simulation courtesy of Ingeciber.comOriginal video link.

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