Extendsive Inc.: Authorized Distributor of XFlow CFD in North America
Extendsive Inc.:  Authorized Distributor of XFlow CFD in North America

About Us

Extendsive, Inc. is a Vermont-based corporation offering ground-breaking technologies and complete solutions for extending the technical capabilities, business reach, and ongoing prosperity of our clients. Extendsive is proud to distribute the next generation of meshless, time transient, advanced CFD solutions:  XFlow CFD from Next Limit Technologies (Madrid, Spain).


Extendsive is also now offering CivilFEM, an advanced, non-linear FEA software package for structural and civil engineers.  Based on the state-of-the-art non-linear solver Marc from MSC Corporation, CivilFEM is designed to make even the most sophisticated, combined non-linear simulations simple to set up, run, and interpret.  For more on CivilFEM, please visit www.civilfem.com.


Extendsive provides sales, support, and training for XFlow and CivilFEM customers in the U.S.A. and Canada.


Expert consulting services are also available.  However, once you see how easy XFlow and CivilFEM are to use (even for simulations that would be either very difficult or even impossible using common CAE tools), you will see you can perform your simulations yourself!

For more information, or for questions about a specific application, contact us here.

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